Selected articles from newspapers, magazines and books are from time to time laid out here to expand public understanding of life in the Gas-Lit Empire.

The Hanging of the Notorious ACRead more »

The following eyewitness account was first published in the South Leicester Mercury: I felt the approach of the condemned woman […]

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The Bullet Catcher’s HandbookRead more »

The Bullet Catcher’s Handbook is a collection of sayings, aphorisms and technical knowledge accumulated by travelling conjurors. Being the product […]

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Rod Duncan – Historian of the Gas-Lit EmpireRead more »

Mr Rod Duncan, historian of the Gas-Lit Empire and author of these pages has been the subject of recent discussion […]


Tableau VivantRead more »

A story of one hundred words: Tableau Vivant Skin powdered and bathed in Drummond light, she seemed carved from alabaster. […]

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The Seemly Resetting of Movable TypeRead more »

The International Patent Office processes a wide variety of patent applications. Here below is an example which recently came to […]

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    Aspects of the Gas-Lit Empire are laid out in these pages for your perusal. Here are maps, monographs and mysteries. Here also you may follow clues through the maze of its streets and alleyways. Hidden stories await the perceptive eye.